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Global FX Trading | Global Forex Managed Accounts - Forex news - Binary options

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Global FX Trading | Global Forex Managed Accounts

Benefits of Forex Managed Accounts.
In a relatively short period of point, Forex Managed Accounts have increased in popularity. This can be largely attributed to the fact that the investors now demand the ability to hold more direct shares and other assets, but with a hassle-free approach. Global fx trading Managed Account provides an efficient means of diversifying an existing investment portfolio. The nature of our methodology ensures that our performance is non-correlated with traditional asset classes such as equities and real estate.
Forex Managed accounts are investment accounts owned by individuals but operated by professional traders on commission-basis or spreads. Although forex investments involve substantial risk and are not suitable for everyone, the introduction of managed forex to an investment portfolio can both reduce risk and enhance performance.
Benefits for the Clients.
Transparency: – Activity on the account can be monitored on a daily basis affording the investor an understanding of the trading plan and risk management system employed. It also decreases potential headline risk, fraud or hidden fees.Earn from operations in the forex market without any direct action. Retain client’s unique tax position: – Not only is it important to choose the right investments but choosing the right accounting method to treat those investments is critical. As each client’s tax requirements are unique, the service provides the ability to suggest a methodology from a range of options which will assist with their tax position.
Portability: – Your clients can in specie securities into and out of the service and between portfolios in most cases without triggering a capital gains tax event.
Benefits of direct ownership: – Your clients directly hold the assets in their Managed Account and retain valuable ownership. They have the benefits of direct ownership such as portability and full benefits of franking credits from dividend payments.Investor retains full ownership and control of the funds being managed.
Benefits for Client’s Business.
Fee structure: – Fee structure is flexible and is as per client’s usage.
Turnkey managed account solution: – Allow you to choose from a various range of professionally managed investment options and maintain your investments in one account. Available to dealers, brokers and other licensed entities.
Online transaction – Advisers can complete applications, move cash between portfolios, arrange withdrawals, and help regular investment and withdrawal plans online.
Diversified portfolios – the potential to become an Investment Manager or choose from a varied range of professionally managed investment options.
Benefits for traders.
Raise a total amount of capital you can trade with.
Reduce requirement for leverage therefore its reducing trading risk.
Attract an infinite number of investors and investment.
Benefits for the Advisor/ Portfolio managers.
Manage instantly, improve efficiencies: – The discretionary nature of the service means advisers don’t need to create a Record of Advice to make changes to their clients’ portfolios.
Enhance client outcomes:- managed accounts gives your dealer group the ability to select a set of investment managers and investment options, including asset class model management, which allows you to improve client outcomes.
Global FX Trading: An Overview about Company.
Global Fx Trading is one of the best international online trading agencyproviding trading services in currencies, commodities and indices. We are offering all kind of trading services to our customersuch as customized accounts, fixed spreads, fast withdrawals, no slippage and advanced trading tool based on the trading community. We at Global Fx Trading assure that our online forex trading service is one of the best in Fx trading Dubai .
We assist traders using Forex as an asset class to fulfill part of their trading portfolio. Our trading platform gives our clients access to the latest market data and we deliver exceptional client support. Our clients and customers benefit from direct access to multiple destinations of liquidity in Forex markets. Our focus is always on integrity, service and execution.We are a multinational group with large recognition worldwide for being one of the best provider of forex trading platforms and managed accounts . Our client base includes large corporate houses, HNI’s and Individual traders from throughout the globe who perform million and above trades monthly.
Our customized software enables you to trade with expert support, with no hidden charges, Low brokerage charges and at your convenience anytime, anywhere. By revolutionizing the account opening process with the use of a single account instead of multiple account options, we have ensured that all clients have unrestricted access to all of our trading tools and conditions, regardless of initial deposit or account balance. We have incorporated all the advantages and premium trading conditions typically reserved exclusively for institutional clients and made them available for all retail clients.
Our platform comes with easy to use, user friendly trading interfaces and fully equipped features. It is suitable for every kind of trader from beginners to experts. Traders can customize their account platform as per their requirements, use import/export indicators, historic data and place a wide range of orders.
In addition to our retail products, we also offers Forex partnership solutions for banks, financial institutions, brokers and private investors through our Asset Manager and Affiliates programs. Forex partnership solutions can be customized according to the individual partner’s business needs, with flexible income sharing plans, rebates and other value-added support features.
Our global reach and ability to develop cutting-edge tools at a rate that outpaces other brokerages has helped us develop into a force in global forex managed accounts . And as we continue to develop, so too will our offerings and technologies; giving traders the opportunity to make the most of the currency market.Our custom-engineered trading platform includes trading interfaces, one-click trading, automated order execution, a proprietary price feed and competitive fixed-spread pricing – resulting in consistently low executable spreads.
We continuously challenge ourselves to provide our customers with the best tools and resources to help them succeed in the global markets. We offer multiple trading platforms to suit all types of traders and unique tools and research to help identify trading opportunities.